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Intrepid Data Systems scooped three awards at the Kenya Institute of Management’s (KIM) Annual Business Awards (KABA).

This past Friday the 24th September 2010 Intrepid Data Systems scooped three awards at the Kenya Institute of Management’s (KIM) Kenya Annual Business Awards (KABA). Intrepid won the 2nd runner-up prize for SME of the Year, Winner of Customer Orientation and Marketing Focus award and the Directors Stephen Nyumba and Philip Nyamwaya jointly won the best youth entrepreneur of the year award for the second year running. KABA was set-up by KIM as an initiative to recognize well-run and successful SME’s throughout Kenya. This was the third edition of the annual event.

To participate, SME’s have to meet the following criteria; Are legally registered in Kenya, Have operated for the last three years, have a minimum of 5 employees, have a minimum turnover of Kshs.5million per year and have a maximum turnover of Kshs.250 million per year.  This year the competition was particularly challenging with the introduction of the Organizational Performance Index - OPI (http://www.opi-africa.com/). The participating organizations are assessed using a model which emphasizes the relationship between instilling smart business processes and generating strong business results. This way, organizations are assessed on their ability not only to deliver results today but also to build on them year on year by creating a culture which values continuous improvement.


KIM Annual Business Awards Youth Entrepreneurs of the year 2009

KIM Annual Business Awards Philip Nyamwaya and Stephen Ogola of Intrepid Data Systems were awarded the Youth Entrepreneurs of the year 2009 at the KIM annual business awards.

The KIM Annual Business Awards (KABA) is an Annual programme that seeks to identify and publicly recognize Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that demonstrate excellence and integrity in their management and leadership practices in the sector. It also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to evaluate their internal processes and develop systems for organizational efficiency.

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